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Unicorn Cake

January 23, 2017

Nothing is more magical than a unicorn.  These mythical creatures are being celebrated and trending in the food world with tons of colorful treats! My Unicorn Cake incorporates a ton of my favorite fun techniques that are simple yet impressive!

I made this cake for my friend Caitlin who I met on my flight to Houston in November.  During the longest flight delay ever, we started to talk and I mentioned I was a baker.  She then reached out to me to make her a Unicorn Princess Cake for her birthday and I was totally excited to take on this challenge.  I immediately thought of using candies, colorful buttercream and keeping it unicorn chic!  Yep, that is going to be my new term haha!

To start, I baked up 2 6 inch rounds of vanilla cake that I dyed pink and blue. I leveled them off and cut each layer in half so that I had 4 layers of cake.  I then added some simple syrup to each layer to give the cakes some extra moisture.Unicorn-Cake-1To assemble the cake, I whipped up some vanilla bean buttercream, separated about 1 cup and folded in some rainbow sprinkles.  I mean you can’t have a unicorn cake without sprinkles!

From there, I added my rainbow sprinkle buttercream to the top of each layer of cake being sure to alternate the colored cake layers. Unicorn-Cake-2

Unicorn-Cake-3After the final layer was added, I crumb coated the whole cake and let it sit in the fridge for an hour before apply the final colorful buttercream!  What I was left with was a pastel rainbow fit for a unicorn princess!  

I used pink, blue and yellow buttercream that I applied randomly around the cake.  I then used my cake scraper to smooth the sides and top.  Smoothing all of the colors caused them to blend a little for a really cool watercolor effect.Unicorn-Cake-4Next, I let my cake chill again for another hour and made white chocolate ganache to drip on top of the cake. Since white chocolate tends to be a little yellow, I added some white food coloring to really get it as close to white as possible.Unicorn-Cake-5I then let the cake chill for about another half hour before letting my imagination take over! I bought a ton of candies from Dylan’s Candy Bar on the upper east side that I thought would be perfect! They have a great selection of various candies and chocolates that you can use to adorn any of your cakes.  I went with some rock sugar, ice cream gummies, a heart lollipop, and sour watermelon candies.  Here’s what I came up with!Unicorn-Cake-7Isn’t she a beauty?! It’s like a unicorn inspired paradise fit for any princess! Unicorn-Cake-6

Unicorn-Cake-8Thank you Caitlin for commissioning me to create this Unicorn Cake for your birthday! I hope you loved it just as much as I loved creating it for you!  Unicorn-Cake-9Till next time!



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