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Modern Cake

April 25, 2017

With all of the different cake trends out there, I wanted to share how I achieve a watercolor look for a modern cake.  I am personally gravitating more towards this style since I love the idea of being surprised with the final look! If you’ve followed my cake journey, you’ve seen a few interpretations.  

This cake was donated to my friend Jen’s son’s school for an auction and the theme was red, gold and black.  Jen is not only super mom but she is also the co-owner of Mondays.  She and her partner Nina hand make some of the most beautiful pottery I’ve ever  seen.  Since their aesthetic is modern and abstract, I knew I wanted to create a cake to represent their style.

When you’re creating a cake like this, I highly recommend using a taller cake.  There is something so elegant about the height and you totally get more opportunity to see the watercolor effect scattered throughout.  The height also helps if you want to add a chocolate drip.Modern-Macaron-Cake-2If you follow me on Instagram, I have a video demonstrating how to create this look.  You can see it here!

The key is to have a nice chilled flat iced cake and add blobs of buttercream throughout the cake.  Next, use a cake smoother and go around the cake to drag the colored buttercream for the watercolor effect.  I used the left over blended buttercream to pipe rosettes and stars on the top of the cake and bright red macarons for a nice pop of color.  To finish the look, I used some edible gold leaf on the bottom and top of the cake to tie it all together.Modern-Macaron-Cake-3I personally love the contrasting colors and how the gold and red stand out! Piping the blended buttercream is also a neat trick to get some more contrast to make this Modern Cake a showstopper!Modern-Macaron-Cake-1Jen was so happy with it and said the cake was devoured at the auction.  As a baker, that makes me so happy to hear and I love being able to share a part of myself through cake.  We are also going to be collaborating on a few fun projects so stay tuned for that.  In the meantime, please check out Mondays and support women owned small businesses! 



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