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Flower Wall Cake

April 18, 2017

Almost 8 hours of flower making and bright pink fingertips, I present my latest creation.  Inspired by the fashion world and Kanye’s gift to Kim on Mother’s Day in 2014, my Flower Wall Cake is the edible version of this beautiful trend.  

Before you begin, I highly suggest you decide on the size of the cake you’d like to cover and get a head start on making your flowers.  I knew I wanted to create a wall of roses so I made 20 wafer paper roses in advance (totally not enough by the way). I thought to use wafer paper since they aren’t nearly as heavy as fondant or gumpaste roses and won’t weigh down your cake.

To start the roses, I cut 8 x 11 sheets of wafer paper into 8 x 8 inch squares and cut the remaining horizontal strips in half to create 2 additional rectangles.  In total you’ll have 3 pieces of wafer paper.  Now, you certainly don’t have to cut everything exact but I measured the first sheet and used it as a guide.  The point of this is to 1. not waste too much wafer paper and 2. create two sizes for the roses.  Flower-Wall-Cake-2Once I had enough cut sheets in both sizes, I cut a spiral from one corner working my way to the center and made sure to cut the corners for a rounded shape. I then placed the cut sheet on to my mat and used a wide paint brush to add a thin layer of piping gel starting at the outer corner and working my way in.  From there, I gently started tightly rolling the paper to make the center bud and released some pressure to let the flower form organically.  I also suggest that you keep a dry and damp towel nearby since the piping gel makes your hands pretty sticky.  

To get colored roses, I mixed some vegetable oil and food coloring together and applied a thin layer of the color on to the wafer paper before applying the piping gel. You can see the process on how I made the roses in the video below!

On to the cake! I baked two 9 x 13 inch cakes (vanilla and chocolate) and cut them into thirds.  From there I alternated the flavor of cakes as I stacked and filled them with buttercream.  I trimmed off any excess to get a perfect rectangle and let it chill before adding my crumb coat and final layer of buttercream.  Since the cake was tall, I added 3 thick straws (one in the center and the others 1 inch from the center) for additional support.  I then covered the holes with a bit more buttercream and covered the cake in fondant measuring out individual sheets to cover each side of the cake. Once that was complete, I started to add my flowers from the bottom of the cake working my way up.Flower-Wall-Cake-4As I said earlier, 20 flowers were not enough! I covered maybe 10% of the cake and realized I had a LONG day ahead of me lol.  I lost count on how many flowers I made and I think it was around 100.  It was totally worth it! I made enough solid white and pink flowers and thought to add some pink on the edges of some of the white ones for some more contrast.  The different sizes and colors of the roses totally gives this Flower Wall Cake some more depth and variety. Flower-Wall-Cake-3Who wouldn’t want a cake like this to celebrate a special occasion?!

I have to say despite the long hours and not really knowing how many flowers it would take to make this Flower Wall Cake, I am so happy with how it turned out.  So happy that I’m going to replicate it over and over again lol! It’s like the 2 for 1 kind of deal for anyone who loves cake and flowers which is pretty much everyone I know!Flower-Wall-Cake-5I am also really excited to announce that I am now taking orders in the NYC area! If you’d like custom desserts for your special occasion, send me an email at I am so lucky to know so many people who believe in me and appreciate my work.  I’m really excited to take Chicky Treats to the next level!

Thank you everyone for your continued support!




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