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Floral Mother’s Day Cake

May 12, 2017

Have you ever seen those fancy roses in nice boxes all over the internet? I have been obsessing over them and I wanted to recreate it in cake form for Mother’s Day.  This Floral Mother’s Day Cake will give your mom the best of both worlds!

To start this cake, I made 7 gumpaste roses.  You’ll want to start these ahead of time so that they have enough time to dry before you add them to your cake.  The first step is to make the centers.Floral-Mothers-Day-Cake-1The center of any rose starts off with a cone shaped ball.  You’ll want the center to be about 1/4th smaller that the petals you are going to attach so that the bud is covered completely.  You’ll also need a piece of floral wire to insert to the bottom of the bud.  I made a small hook, dipped it in some tylose mixed with water as an edible glue and gently pressed it into the bottom of the bud.  The floral wire acts like the stem of the rose and it is needed so that your roses can hang upside down to dry and allow the petals to stay in place.  If you don’t hang them, gravity takes over and the petals start to fall.  I would suggest you start this a day in advance so that is is completely dry before adding your petals.  If you’re in a rush, just be sure you give the centers at least an hour to dry so that the glue can adhere the wire to the gumpaste center.Floral-Mothers-Day-Cake-2The next step is to make the first layer of petals to cover the bud. I rolled out a thin piece of gumpaste and used a rose petal cutter for the first 3 petals. If you look closely at the cutter, there are numbers and letters and I removed 3E and 4C to get the shape below.Floral-Mothers-Day-Cake-3After cutting the two petals out with my x-acto knife, I used a ball tool to ruffle the edges of the petals to give them some life. I then added some edible glue (tylose mixed with water) half way up the center of each petal and used the floral wire to puncture a hole in the center of the gumpaste. I then gently moved the gumpaste petals up the floral wire and started to wrap the petals over the bud.  You’ll want to make sure that the petals overlap.  If you’re looking at the cutter, I started with 1A to cover the bud, followed by 5D and ended with 2B.  It should look like this:Floral-Mothers-Day-Cake-4Ruffling the edges of the petals really helps give the roses a more realistic look! At this point you want to hang your roses upside down before adding the next layer of petals for at least an hour.

Next, I repeated the process by cutting out another set of petals except I kept all 5. The same idea applies where you cut the petals, ruffle the edges, add tylose, puncture the gumpaste with the wire and over lap the petals.  I always like to go clockwise so the order should be 1A, 3E, 5D, 2B and 4C.Floral-Mothers-Day-Cake-5

Floral-Mothers-Day-Cake-6So pretty right?! At this point, I was happy with the size of the rose since the cake was going to be smaller and I was making quite a few. I then hung the roses upside down one last time for about an hour before applying some lilac petal dust on the edges for a tiny pop of color.Floral-Mothers-Day-Cake-8Beautiful! The great thing about these gumpaste roses is that you can make them days in advance and store them in a box lined with tissue.  When they dry they do become really fragile so just be careful when handling them.

Now on to the cake!  I baked up 2 6 inch layers of vanilla bean cake.  I leveled both layers, cut one of the cake layers in half and cut a 4 inch circle out of the second layer.  I then filled the cake with chocolate buttercream.Floral-Mothers-Day-Cake-9The center was left open for a reason.  I wanted to added the flowers inside of the cake instead of placing them on top. It’s almost like a vase except made with delicious cake!

I then crumb coated and flat iced the cake with more buttercream before covering the cake in black fondant.Floral-Mothers-Day-Cake-10

Floral-Mothers-Day-Cake-11Now this part was a little tricky since I had to add the fondant into the opening while smoothing it out.   After rolling it out, I added the fondant to the center first, gently pressing it into the center and up the sides.  I then let it drape, picked the sides of the fondant up and smoothed it with my hands and fondant smoother.  As I was smoothing it out, got a small tear in the center so I cut out a 3 inch round piece of black fondant to add to the bottom to cover it up.  It’s any easy fix and the opening is going to be filled with roses anyway.

Black fondant can be pretty hard to work with since it shows EVERYTHING! I wanted to give this cake a little shimmer so I mixed some pearl dust with vodka and applied it all over the cake!  It’s a simple trick to smooth out any imperfections and makes the cake sparkle in the light!Floral-Mothers-Day-Cake-15GORGEOUS! As a finishing touch, I used a pearl mold to add a nice border to the bottom of the cake.  Now this Floral Mother’s Day Cake is ready for it’s close up!Floral-Mothers-Day-Cake-13

Floral-Mothers-Day-Cake-14What mom wouldn’t want a cake like this?! Its a simple, yet classy cake that inspired by a trendy elegant gift!

Happy Mother’s Day to all of the mom’s out there and a special shout out to my fabulous mother who is the most loving and supportive mom in the world! I am so lucky to have you! 

Till next time!



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  • Reply Richa from Merrut Cakes August 16, 2017 at 10:38 am

    Kind of really late to see this post. Step by step detailing about the Cake is really very impressive. Talking about the cake
    1) Its a very beautiful Cake
    2) All the petals look so real
    I would really love to make this cake for my mother. She will be so happy to eat this Chocolate/Vanilla Cake. Infact my Daughter will also love this Cake. Thank you

    • Daniella Da Silva
      Reply Daniella Da Silva December 18, 2017 at 3:14 pm

      Thank you so much for your kind words! If you do decide to make it one day, I’d love to see it! :)

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