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DIY Fall Wedding

October 26, 2016

Joanna and I have collaborated again on an incredible DIY Fall Wedding shoot for all of you fabulous brides to be! This shoot was a little more special to me since I got to display what Joanna created for my wedding earlier this month.  I also had a chance to recreate my wedding cake which was a treat since we had another opportunity to eat it! This is a perk for sure!diy-fall-wedding-1This time around, I wanted to make sure we displayed all of our props since it can get a little bit hectic maneuvering around in a tiny NY apartment. It’s also a great idea to lay out what you have so that you can see what you’re working with!  I set up my large fold out table with all of our Fall inspired to our last shoot, we started by playing around with different sets to highlight Joanna’s incredible work and my cakes! We wanted to focus on using really rich tones against pretty metallics to fit into our fall theme. Aren’t those little pumpkins so cute?! diy-fall-wedding-3diy-fall-wedding-7Look at my girl in action!  Isn’t that card GORGEOUS?! I have to admit, although I am a gold fanatic, I am sort of obsessed with the new copper trend.  It definitely has a fresh luxurious feel that fits perfectly with any color.  

For the cake, I wanted to use a petal technique with buttercream and add little flowers and leaves as accents.  I found this really cool wooden board and added some moss around the edges of the board to give the cake a woodsy chic vibe.  I’m not sure if that’s an actual term but you see what I diy-fall-wedding-5 diy-fall-wedding-4Woodsy Chic Perfection!

For the record, a lot of these decorative items are not edible and are there for decorative purposes.  You can totally add floral tape or make gumpaste/fondant balls to create a barrier between the flowers and ornaments to make it food safe.  You could also purchase ready made edible gumpaste/fondant flowers if fresh flowers are a concern.  Just use your best judgement and what works best for you!
diy-fall-wedding-9This next set up was a challenge since we were losing natural sunlight.  We ended up shifting my table around to make sure we had the best lighting and luckily that did the trick!  For this set up, we really wanted to use that beautiful Cinderella pumpkin since it is such an amazing addition and screams fall! This was the first time I’ve actually seen a pumpkin like this!

Joanna’s card was perfect since the colors really tied everything together.  I also had a chance to showcase the top half of a cake I made which was covered in edible gold leaf.  We ended up not using the bottom half which I covered in fondant ruffles since it felt like two different cakes.  You can see it in the first photo above.  

The great part about the creative process is that you’re always going to have things that work and some that don’t.  In this case, we were able to use some part of the cake and transform it to make it fit into our setting.  I tend to also get so caught up on wanting to do a ton of different things and forget to just take a step back and see what I have.  It’s a great learning experience and in the end, everything came together for the grand finale!  As I am writing this I am getting a little bit emotional.  My DIY wedding was a labor of love and I am so grateful to Joanna for executing such beautiful work to make my space feel so much more personal and and I decided to have a Chinese tea ceremony with our families in a really cool Chinese restaurant downtown.  I wanted to embrace this tradition since it is something that most non-Chinese people rarely get to experience.  It was important to me to make sure our theme tastefully embraced the culture and included our pug son Peanut! I can’t get over the little Chinese hat lol!diy-fall-wedding-13Joanna really out did herself and everything was exactly what we envisioned.  I loved the rich color of the reds against the white and of course all of the gold accents.  
diy-fall-wedding-11For my wedding cake, my original idea was to use fall chrysanthemums which come in various deep red and golden yellow colors.  Since I purchased all of the flowers at Whole Foods a few days before my wedding, I ended up not finding them and had to come up with an alternative.  I came across these pretty, almost blood red, spray roses and went with them instead.  Now, I’m not a rose fan but these were the perfect size and color to fit into my theme!  I also used some edible gold luster to paint the edges of the roses to really make them pop!wedding-cakeFor the shoot, I decided to work with the flowers we had. I used the pretty white hydrangeas, little berries,  and went with the same gold luster effect! Now I can’t decide which version I like more!diy-fall-wedding-14 diy-fall-wedding-15This shoot had its challenges but it definitely taught me to adapt to every situation.  Joanna and I are definitely creative soul sisters and even through all of the obstacles thrown our way, we were able to make decisions to help execute our vision for this Fall DIY Wedding shoot! As a DIY bride myself, I know that it can be totally stressful to make your own cake, figure out decorations, find a dress and plan every detail of your wedding.  However, I would do it over 1,000,000 times again because there is nothing better than to look back at all of your hardwork and know you added a little bit of yourself in every detail.  I also am so thankful to my mom, husband and family for really being so supportive and helpful with all of the planning and setting up! I will never forget it!

Thank you so much Joanna for collaborating with me once again on such an amazing shoot and to all of my readers, please be sure to check out Joanna’s Fall collection that is now available on her site!  She has other gorgeous stationary and can make your day even more special with custom illustrations! You’ve seen how with my wedding!

Check out this amazing video Joanna put together with highlights of our shoot and of us in action!

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