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Easter Bunny Cakes

March 30, 2017

Oh hi everyone! It’s been a while and we have SO much to catch up on.  I am still a little jet lagged from my trip to Japan but I found the energy and motivation to get back into the kitchen and come up with these adorable Easter Bunny Cakes! If you’ve been following me on Facebook and Instagram, I’ve posted some teaser videos showing you the process.  It’s been a really great outlet for me and I’m so glad so many of you are watching and liking the videos!

Let’s get started on these Easter Bunny Cakes!

While in Japan, I completely fell in love with how the Japanese package everything.  Everything from food, clothes and even garbage cans (not even kidding), has some decorative element to make it absolutely adorable! I came back super inspired and wanted to turn these Easter Bunny Cakes super kawaii (that means, super cute in Japanese)! I totally got that line from Gwen Stefani’s song “Harajuku Girls!”

To start, I cut a 13 x 19 inch board in half, stacked the two pieces and cut it down to a 8 x 13 inch board.  I then rolled out a thin piece of fondant on to the board, trimmed the excess, painted it green and covered it with shredded coconut I also dyed green.  For some extra sparkle, I added some bakery bling all across the top and was left with this really cool edible grass!Easter-Cute-Bunny-Cakes-1With the grass set, I moved on to my little bunnies! I used a 2 inch circle cutter and cut out 3 little cakes from one 6 inch chocolate cake. Save the leftover cake crumbs! We’ll be using them in my next post!

I then crumb coated the cakes, added a final layer of buttercream and covered each one in white fondant. While those set, I cut out the ears and added toothpicks to support the weight and keep the ears stable.  Once everything was set, I mixed some vodka, white food coloring and pearl dust and painted the cakes and ears to give them a more pearl like finish.  Easter-Cute-Bunny-Cakes-2While the cakes and ears were still wet, I sprinkled on some more bakery bling ( I used pink and white) to make these bunnies shine! Heads up, you’ll want to apply the pink bakery bling on the ears while they are on a flat surface and let them dry completely before adding them to your cake.

For the sleepy eyes, which is totally the trend now, I just used a fine tipped brush with some black food coloring and painted the eyes, with lashes of course, on to each cake.  SO CUTE!Easter-Cute-Bunny-Cakes-3Once the bunnies were dry, I moved them over to my grass board, finished the scene off with some colorful jelly beans and added some black polka dot ribbon around the edge of the board to complete my Easter Bunny Cakes!Easter-Cute-Bunny-Cakes-4Shhh!! These sleepy bunnies are tired from being so fabulous!

And now, drum roll please!!!

You can view how I put this cake together on my YouTube channel! It’s my second video and I shot the entire process on my Iphone.  That is called being resourceful and using what you have lol! I’m learning a lot about how to create these videos (like not to use a square format on the video app lol) and they will only get better as I go along.  Eventually you’ll see me chatting up a storm too! For now, this is a start.

Stay tuned for more updates and videos coming soon and be sure to let me know what you think in my comments! 

Till next time!



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