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Dolphin Cake

February 15, 2017

I am so lucky to know people who trust my artistic vision and this Dolphin cake is a result of it.  It may look complicated but every cake you’re tackling should involve planning and a lot of imagination.  Getting consumed and lost in the process is also a part of the fun.

Making a cake like this requires some planning to make sure everything is ready for the final assembly.  Since this cake has some sculpted figures and gumpaste details, I always like to make those at least a few days in advance so that they have enough time to harden and dry after they have been painted.  For this cake, the client wanted 3 figures on top with one of them being a dolphin.  I envisioned the dolphin coming out of the cake and made a decision to also add two other dolphins peeking out of the water so it looked like a cute dolphin crew!

After referencing a ton of dolphin images online, I started sculpting each one out of fondant until I was happy with the shape and proportions. Dolphin-Fondant-Cake-1Dolphin-Fondant-Cake-3For the center dolphin, I wanted to add some extra support since it was a little heavy.  I didn’t want the weight to cause the dolphin to sink into the cake.  To avoid this, I mixed a bit of tylose powder and vodka to create an edible glue.  I then applied it to two lollipop sticks and inserted them through the bottom of the dolphin.  I placed the figure on top of a cup to maintain the curved shape as it dried and to prevent the figure from sliding down exposing the sticks.  Once the figures were hardened, I painted them and let them dry completely.  Aren’t they cool?

For the cake, I baked up 2 9 inch lemon cakes and filled them with lemon buttercream.  After crumb coating, adding a final layer of butter cream and covering the cake in fondant, I started painting.  This was the best part! Dolphin-Fondant-Cake-7I love those little fish! To create some more 3D elements, I took pieces of fondant and shaped them like seaweed around the cake and painted them a dark green.  For the sand, I used some brown sugar which I adhered with a bit of piping gel.  This part was totally messy but the end result looked so realistic!Dolphin-Fondant-Cake-8After adding my gumpaste shells around the sides and bottom, I used some more piping gel and painted it on to the side of the cake for a more “wet” look.  I then added the three dolphins on top and used some more piping gel to make it look like the dolphins were just coming out of the water!Dolphin-Fondant-Cake-6Here is the final cake!!!Dolphin-Fondant-Cake-4Obsessed!!! I am beyond proud of my work on this one since it was not only challenging but extremely rewarding.  When you let yourself just get lost in the process, you can end up surprising yourself.  All of the details really came together for a truly awesome cake.

So remember, planning ahead is always key to creating some really awesome fondant cakes.  And don’t forget to just let your imagination run free!

Thank you to Alimay Events for commissioning me for this amazing project! I appreciate your continued support and for trusting my vision.



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