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Modern Cake

April 25, 2017

With all of the different cake trends out there, I wanted to share how I achieve a watercolor look for a modern cake.  I am personally gravitating more towards this style since I love the idea of being surprised with the final look! If you’ve followed my cake journey, you’ve seen a few interpretations.  

This cake was donated to my friend Jen’s son’s school for an auction and the theme was red, gold and black.  Jen is not only super mom but she is also the co-owner of Mondays.  She and her partner Nina hand make some of the most beautiful pottery I’ve ever  seen.  Since their aesthetic is modern and abstract, I knew I wanted to create a cake to represent their style.

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Easter Bunny Cakes

March 30, 2017

Oh hi everyone! It’s been a while and we have SO much to catch up on.  I am still a little jet lagged from my trip to Japan but I found the energy and motivation to get back into the kitchen and come up with these adorable Easter Bunny Cakes! If you’ve been following me on Facebook and Instagram, I’ve posted some teaser videos showing you the process.  It’s been a really great outlet for me and I’m so glad so many of you are watching and liking the videos!

Let’s get started on these Easter Bunny Cakes!

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Dolphin Cake

February 15, 2017

I am so lucky to know people who trust my artistic vision and this Dolphin cake is a result of it.  It may look complicated but every cake you’re tackling should involve planning and a lot of imagination.  Getting consumed and lost in the process is also a part of the fun.

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Unicorn Cake

January 23, 2017

Nothing is more magical than a unicorn.  These mythical creatures are being celebrated and trending in the food world with tons of colorful treats! My Unicorn Cake incorporates a ton of my favorite fun techniques that are simple yet impressive! Continue Reading…