Daniella Da Silva - Baker NYC


Daniella is a self taught baker, blogger and illustrator who has dedicated the last few years honing her baking and decorating skills. Her blog Chicky Treats has become her creative outlet where she can share her experience of working with different flavors, try new decorating techniques, give helpful tips and document her progress. She has had the opportunity to blog for brands such as Chobani, Nordic Ware and Splenda by coming up with new and exciting recipes that highlight the company’s products. Daniella styles and photographs all of her creations making sure to share her favorite photos on her various social media accounts.

Daniella is currently working on developing new and exciting projects for the upcoming year! Stay tuned for more updates! 

chicky_profileLittle Chicky

The mascot and logo of the brand is none other than Little Chicky. Daniella created Chicky as a way to bring families together in the kitchen to build memories through baking.  Her first children’s book, Chicky Bakes was published on uTales.com in 2010.   In this colorful book, Chicky shows you step by step how to bake her favorite chocolate muffin cake! Stay tuned for more updates on Chicky’s adventure!